by Automotive Team
on July 06, 2016

Goodwood - new car round up

If there’s one thing you can count on at Goodwood, it’s new cars. It’s often a chance to catch the first look at new cars in the metal before they hit the showroom floor. Here’s a quick round up of some of my favourites!

McLaren 570S and GT – never has the term ‘baby of the family’ been loosely applied. But at the lower end of the price range of new McLaren ownership the 570 in S or GT guise is certainly a good looker. Even Jensen Button gave it his approval during his time on stage at McLaren house. 


Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio – after fighting through a crowd we got up close with the quadraformagio you have to admire the details, lashings of carbon fibre and some horsepower to boot! Unfortunately I spent so long quadric-oggling it I didn’t take any pictures. But I urge you to give it a search

Audi S5 – the Audi S5 gets a special mention after sheltering me from the rain AND giving me a back massage while I was sitting in the coupe (a well recommended option if you are speccing one anytime soon)


Audi A5 Massage function

Mercedes-AMG GT R – unleash the green beast, and what a beast it is. Had to be caged for the duration to stop it from eating any stray toddlers. Just look at the GREEN! 

Mercedes AMG GT R

Nissan GTR – a firm favourite with some style revisions. Nissan spoilt us this year by having 4 iterations of the GTR legacy on show. Queue much swooning. 

Nissan GT collection

Tesla Model X – the model X was an exciting car to see from a design and technology aspect. Plus as a huge Back to the Future fan, anythign with gullwing doors immediately gets a thumbs up from me! 

Tesla Model X

Honda NSX – a hybrid sportscar from Honda with gorgeous lines. From every angle this car is a serious looker, especially in the striking blue the display car was in. 

Honda NSX


This really is just a selection of cars that caught our eye at the show, there are of course so many others! 


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